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Sessions & Trainings Information

Are the Racial Trauma Recovery Sessions open for everyone to attend? 

No. The Racial Trauma Recovery sessions are for African Americans or people of African descent who have experienced racism in their lives. The sessions are designed to promote in-depth dialogue, internal healing, and crisis planning for future preparation.

Who can attend the Allyship & Anti-racism Education and the Microaggressions & Implicit Bias trainings?  

Everyone can attend both educational trainings. These trainings and education provide strategies for becoming allies within work environments and all aspects of life.

How long are the sessions for each training?

Racial Trauma Recovery sessions are 4 hours long and are divided into one-hour increments. Microaggressions & Implicit Bias training is one hour. Allyship & Anti-racism training is one hour.

What does the screening process for the Racial Trauma Recovery sessions consist of?

The screening process is a 2-5 minute Zoom call with a facilitator to determine if a participant fits the criteria for attendance. 

Are there price packages for each training?

Sessions and trainings are conducted at no cost. MyALLy accepts generous donations to fund our mission.

What is a service agreement form and why do I need it to attend sessions?

A service agreement form is a contract between MyALLy and organizations, companies, churches, or schools that states their buy-in for the services so their employees can attend as often as they want for the year. Service agreement forms will update annually.

If my organization does not agree to services with MyALLy, may I still attend?

Yes, you may book sessions and attend. We will keep a log of organizations that agree to services and that do not agree to services. We will reach out every six months to offer services to organizations with differing views. 

I am an employee of a company that needs this. How can I get us signed on for services? 

Please let us know if you are interested, and we will contact your company and explain who we are, what we do, and how they can sign on. 


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